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Wild parties on the Vistula

Our Vistula is a world-class phenomenon. There aren’t many metropolises where you can relax on a wild beach in the city center. We only have one bank that is concrete and it’s been taken over by summertime night life. There are several dozen clubs open there – with Plac Zabaw, Barka, Pomost 511, Cud Nad Wisłą and Rejs topping the list. The boulevards have been renovated and there are 37 kilometers of the Vistula Bike Path (from the Kampinos Forest to Powsin).

You can get from one side of the river to the other with a free ferry ( to relax in the arms of nature. There are beaches wehre you can tan and, in the evening in designated areas, you can have a campfire (from the Zoo Beach, you’ll catch great views of the Old Town). There’s also a green path running along the riverside for walking, biking or running that we are particularly proud of.

We also recommend a day trip to Serock on the Zefir boat and a sunset cruise on a Miami Wars motorboat (

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