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WGW: weekend full of art

Warsaw Gallery Weekend is the biggest festival of contemporary art in Warsaw. For the seventh time the best private galleries are set to offer specially prepared vernissages, parties, meetings with artists and curators, book promotions. High- ranking cultural institutions also prepared their own extensive accompanying programme. There will be exhibitions of classics and debutantes. Polish and international artists including works by Wilhelm Sasnal in the Foksal Gallery Foundation, Katarzyna Przezwańska at the Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, Paweł Dunal at m2, Mariusz Tarkawian at Propaganda.

Curators from abroad, collectors, galleries come to attend the Not Fair fairs in the Palace of Culture and Science. This weekend everything revolves around art. Brace yourself! There are over 30 localisations to visit.

We went on the run today to the Raster Gallery to meet with Mika Tajima – a New York – based Japanese artist who unfortunately cannot stay for a weekend in Warsaw. She told us a few words about her “Air” exhibition where she presents objects and fabrics made with the use of a programme transforming sound of machines into images. She also used sounds from Warsaw – a machine at the “Argraf” plant printing a book “Ruins of Warsaw” by the Raster Editions.


– I conduct a kind of research on contemporary systems of control. In the past they were more physical, tangible, oppressive. Today they are more subtle, less visible, connected with technology. Digitalization shapes our life style. I show body almost like an archaeological relic from the museum.
I obtain colours from architecture, interiors. Let’s take fitness clubs for example which use colour schemes adopted from sportswear. The same colour scheme is also present in the modern office interiors. This is a message: you are a good employee if you attend fitness clubs. In the Google offices we already have gyms, nurseries, restaurants and even places where we can sleep. It’s absurd. Employee doesn’t even have an excuse to leave this place.
The most important element of this exhibition is an installation of metal elements from a hot tub with airflow aimed at us. This „touchless power” is for me a metaphor for control systems which we give in to. For example technologies which we barely understand. Even the use of the Google search shows that we expose ourselves to advertising deluge. This is like this invisible wind which pushes us.
For convenience we surrender to technology and we take risk associated with this. Even though we know how thin the line between pleasure and pain is.

Warsaw Gallery Weekend starts this Friday, 22nd September, 5 PM – 9 PM. On Saturday and Sunday galleries will be open 12 PM – 7 PM. Admission free. More information here…

Photo: Aga Bilska. From exhibitions:
– Mika Tajima in Raster Gallery
– David Krňanský in Leto Gallery
– Florian Auer in Piktogram
– Wilhelm Sasnal in Fundacja Galerii Foksal
– Hanna Rechowicz in BWA Warszawa

Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Fundacja Galerii Foksal, Wilhelm Sasnal
Wilhelm Sasnal

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