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Warsaw in a day. What to see?

Palace of Culture? Łazienki Park? Old Town? Vistula? Difficult choice. How to show someone a big city in one day? Let’s try. We will take you for two one-day trips.

WARSAW IN A DAY – option #1

We just quickly drive past the Palace of Culture as it is not a perfect place for walks. Then we take a bus 175 from the city centre to the Warsaw University (Krakowskie Przedmieście St 28). We walk down the Royal Route and we head to Obroźna Street. At SAM (Lipowa St 7) we will eat a delicious breakfast.

We climb up the roof at the Warsaw University Library (Dobra St 56/66) and we take a stroll through a garden which is located at the top just to admire the Vistula River, Powiśle and the Old Town from above. Check in advance the opening hours. In case it is closed try the neighbouring roof at the Copernicus Centre of Science. 

Nearby, over the river, there is a temporary headquarters of the Museum of Modern Art (Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St 22). We go inside to see an exhibition. Admission only 1 PLN.

Bus 118 will take us directly from the Warsaw Library University to the Three Crosses Square. We go down Mokotowska Street to eat some dinner at AleWino (Mokotowska St 48). We buy some souvenirs at the Bęc Zmiana Foundation shop (Mokotowska St 65) and we grab some cakes at Lukullus (Mokotowska St 52a).

We turn left in Piękna and we head towards Aleje Ujazdowskie. We are back again on the Royal Route. We burn some calories taking a stroll through the Finnish houses in Jazdów Street and in Łazienki Park.

We drink our farewell drink at Regina (Koszykowa St 1) and if we still have some time we visit Plan B – the most popular meeting place of Warsaw youngsters. From there we can admire a beautiful view at Plac Zbawiciela. 

WARSAW IN A DAY – option #2

Let’s start our day with a breakfast at Charlotte Menora at the Grzybowski Square. We will see how it has changed since Joanna Rajkowska, an artist, built her public installation “Oxygenator” – a pond which was supposed to be an enclave of fresh air in this sad part of the city. It all worked out. We will see the results walking down Próżna Street which before the war functioned as a centre of the Jewish Warsaw. Again, life comes back here. 

We stay in a Jewish climate and we take a tram to POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Anielewicza St 6). It is one of few examples of modern architecture in Warsaw with a very interesting exposition. Let’s eat something fast at the nearby Bar Gdański (Andersa St 33) –  bar mleczny (literally ‘milk bar”). For a late dinner, we will go to a more elegant place. 

Through the Krasiński Garden, we will get to the Castle Square. Here we take a bus (180, 116, 503) and we go the Royal Route to the Three Crosses Square. Next, we head towards the Sheraton Hotel, we go down for a supper to Dyletanci (Rozbrat St 44). Here we will drink a glass of fine wine. 

It is an excellent introduction to an evening by the river. Boulevards in high season are full of clubs, restaurants, and people. We will get there through a wonderful Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz Park.

Photo: Aga Bilska and Filip Klimaszewski

Lukullus - Mokotowska
Sklep Bęc Zmiany
Muzeum nad Wisłą
Muzeum nad Wisłą
Plac Grzybowski
Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich
Plan B
Plac Zamkowy
Plac Zabaw i BarKa

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