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Warsaw Jungle

The Warsaw Jungle project shows that Warsaw is one of the greenest capitals in Europe.

It has 79 parks, is located in the neighbourhood of the National Park and two landscape parks which makes it a unique metropolis in Europe.
That is why Beata Małyska when she got an offer from the Goethe Institute to make a movie about Warsaw as a city of the future she immediately thought of greenery. Because it has been, is and will be present here.

She also runs a blog called Warsaw Jungle where she posts photos of green Warsaw. Mostly green interiors, similarly to the akin Urban Jungle. But not only. She lives with her boyfriend Remek Zawadzki in a studio apartment near Grzybowski Square and she misses balcony very much, garden and park. So she started to fill up her space with plants.

She encourages internet users to tag greenery with #warsawjungle. One glimpse at this Instagram base and your batteries will be recharged for a whole day.

We liked the idea, but what caught our attention was the topic of Beata’s interests from her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts – Bosnia.

It is her photographic diploma project which she continues even though she graduated last year.
Beata: My supervisor was surprised by my choice because one can relate to the war being here, in Warsaw. It was a coincidence, I came across a Spanish YouTuber who had visited a humanitarian tunnel near Sarajevo built during a siege. I went there to see it for myself. I realised that it is the first war which I’d remembered as a child from TV. And I decided to talk with my peers about what they actually remember from that time.

Project ‘Niepokój’ came into life because it is indeed a place where this peace is extremely uncertain. In the face of raging nationalisms in Europe it is worth remembering what caused this revival anxiety (‘Niepokój’ in Polish means anxiety and is understood as feeling of presentiment. This word is composed of two words: no and peace, or perceived differently as no and room, therefore it contains multiple meanings).

Beata is constantly working on this material and looking for a fine place for an exhibition. Thanks to Warsaw Jungle she catches her breath.

Photos: Beata Małyska (main photo) with her boyfriend Remek Zawadzki in their apartment filled with plants. Check their previous project: ‘Warsaw cardboard records’ („Warszawskie pocztówki dźwiękowe”).

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