Warsaw brand: Sirène

Warsaw brand: Sirène
Butik Sirene, witryna projektu Malwiny Konopackiej

Those glasses are for people who have their own world, are self aware.

Joasia Jurczak and Kamil Pączkowski (photo above) say that production of eyewear was a pure cosmic coincidence. And there is something about it.

Both designers (Joasia received formal training as a designer, Kamil is a co-owner of THIS studio) and this topic has been in their realm of interest since their studies.
Not universe, but glasses. Kamil is an eyeglass wearer. And it also helped. He has always looked for interesting designs and imported them from abroad.

When they got acquainted with the owner of the eyewear manufacturing plant in Bilawa the puzzle seemed to be complete. They started to study the subject very carefully. And the plant indeed has the best technology for production of metal frames in Poland. The owner is a passionate and visionary. In the 90s he bought from the old space station on the territory of the former Soviet Union technology of titanium processing. Sputtering titanium nano coating was used to strengthen space crafts plating. Thanks to this technology glasses are hypoallergenic and more durable.

And even the most demanding clients who try on the specs designed by Joasia immediately feel the difference. They are stunned by acetates, which imitate stone, imported from the renowned Mazzucchelli plant near Milan. They appreciate attentiveness to detail.

Kamil: Our glasses are for people who have their own world, are self aware. They can choose something suited for their taste. We did not want to create solely glasses, because it is easy, but an object which has a unique multi-layered history, that is exceptional.

All the elements of the brand tell this story. Sirène may be associated with the Warsaw Mermaid but also with ‘The Sirens of Titan’ by Kurt Vonnegut. We gave our glass models space names and we have a visionary photo session by Jacek Kołodziejski and Anna Łoskiewicz. It all triggers imagination.

History of Sirène is all about us being part of the universe and that everything happens for a reason. It is also a story of visioners. Maybe thanks to them the optimism of a cosmic era will spread?

Sirène, Wilcza St 71, www.sireneeyewear.com

Joanna Jurczak i Kamil Pączkowski, twórcy marki Sirene
Sirene, fot. Jacek Kołodziejski
Sirene, fot. Jacek Kołodziejski
Sirene, fot. Jacek Kołodziejski