Vistula boulevards full of culture

Vistula boulevards full of culture
Widok na most Świętokrzyski

The place where Warsaw life starts to flourish during the summer.

Here we rest, eat, dance, bike, boat on the river, listen to concerts and visit a museum. We have everything here.

Today we would like to invite you to take a walk with us on the left bank of the river. We will show you our favourite places. Of course, you can already go through boulevards straight from Żoliborz to the Łazienkowski Bridge but we will start our stroll from the Museum on the Vistula River. This part of boulevards is a perfect idea for a walk if you want to show Warsaw in a nutshell to visitors. We get here by the second metro line. Our final stop is the Copernicus Metro Station.

Let’s begin with the MUSEUM ON THE VISTULA RIVER, a temporary headquarters of the Museum of Modern Art (Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St 22). We can see here excellent exhibitions (admission fee only 1 PLN), buy an album at Bookoff bookstore and eat delicious meal at Paloma bistro. Don’t forget to look up and admire Alicja Bilelawska’s installation. 

Next to the Museum, there is a modern barge called PRZYSTAŃ NOWA FALA. Ask there for available cruises. There are also motorboats from Miami Wars at your disposal. 

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej
Instalacja Alicji Bielawskiej w Palomie w Muzeum nad Wisłą
Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej
Przystań Nowa Fala
Bulwar Pattona

Between the Museum and the COPERNICUS SCIENCE CENTRE there is our favourite part of boulevards. First the perennial garden by the Museum, then a concrete part with high stairs – ideal for sportsmen (you can ride here a skateboard or BMX or just sit and admire the view). Finally, near the Copernicus Centre there are stairs with wooden seats and sawgrass  – a perfect spot for a date.

We also recommend going up the roof of the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY and Copernicus Science Centre. Both institutions have arranged beautiful gardens which you can visit free of charge. Every garden is in a different style, offering spectacular views on the centre, Old Town, Powiśle, and the river.

Ogród na dachu BUW
CN Kopernik
Czasowa instalacja w Parku Odkrywców przy CN Kopernik
Ogród na dachu CN Kopernik
CN Kopernik i wiślane bulwary

We are heading further towards the Świętokrzyski Bridge. Right after it, there is BARKA (a summer branch of Plan b), and above it PLAC ZABAW. There is everything here – a beautiful green garden, a few bars, Korean food, SLOW MARKET with even more delicious food (every weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening), concerts and night parties at Barka.

Next, there is DWA OSIEM which serves delicious pizza and invites you to use its pump track. Kids can have fun and later on enjoy some Kulkove icecream. On the way to the Poniatowski bridge you will also find music clubs Wisława and WIR.

Bulwary w sąsiedztwie Syrenki Warszawskiej
Pomnik Syrenki
Relaks w okolicach pomnika Syrenki
Bulwary Wiślane
Strefa sportowa pod mostem Świętokrzyskim
Strefa sportowa pod mostem Świętokrzyskim
Slow Market
BarKa i Plac Zabaw
Korean na Placu Zabaw
Klub Plac Zabaw nad Wisłą
Pumptruck przy pizzerii Dwa Osiem nad Wisłą
W drodze do mostu Poniatowskiego
Lewy brzeg Wisły
Barka WIR

Our next step is two bridges away, after the Poniatowski Bridge. Here on a small hill next to a skyscraper designed by Stefan Kuryłowicz girls from BABIE LATO set up a mini beach. It is definitely one of the coziest places by the river. 

And finally, GRUNT I WODA. This club tries hard and the Varsovians appreciate all the efforts. That is why it is always packed with people. The owners do their best to create aesthetic architecture and every year they make it even better. This year there is a social garden and a playground. Parents with kids – this is a perfect venue for you. 

You don’t need to venture any further than FALA club (Płyta Desantu) with great concerts. On a hill, there is PRZYLĄDEK MIAMI WARS where we recommend a cruise by a motorboat and you can get right back to where we started. Wonderful!

Widok z mostu Poniatowskiego
Widok z Babiego Lata
Klub Grunt i Woda nad Wisłą
Grunt i Woda
Widok na Przystań Miami Wars
Plaża na wysokości Płyty Desantu