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TOP 10: The best coffee

TOP 10: The best coffee
Kawiarnia Relaks

The most demanding coffee enthusiasts will not be disappointed.


Tamka St 33


Elegant, full of greenery, promoting zero waste. In the summertime visit its second venue located in Bracka Street 18. And if you are a real coffee fan you just have to buy “Coffee Spots Polska”,  a specialty coffee guide published by STOR (available on the premises).

Krzysiek Rzyman - gospodarz kawiarni STOR
Przewodnik "Coffee Spots Polska"

2. Relaks

Puławska St 48


A favourite local coffee place of the residents of Mokotów. The interior designed by the architects from the MFRMGR studio, vintage posters on the walls. Real experts in coffee.

Kawiarnia Relaks
Kawiarnia Relaks

3. Ministerstwo Kawy

Marszałkowska St 27/35


The name of this venue obliges and does not disappoint. A perfect location in the vicinity of Zbawiciela Square.

4. Lukullus

Chmielna St 32

Walecznych St 29


There are people who claim that espresso at Lukullus is the finest in Warsaw! Apart from coffee, you can also indulge in their pastries. If you are looking for a place suitable for a date or girls meeting Lukullus is the best option.


Lukullus na Chmielnej
Lukullus na Chmielnej

5. Cophi

Hoża St 58/60


Uri Wollner, a host of this place is a genuine coffee expert. He managed to create in a very centre of the city a nonpretentious place with a neighbourly atmosphere.



6. Forum

Elektoralna St 11


Forum is home of the Aeropress and Brewers Cup champions Ilona Przewoźniczek and Sławek Saran. Not only do they serve coffee but also drinks and cakes which you can eat on the premises.


7. Fawory

Mickiewicza St 21

A place which is widely visited by the residents of Żoliborz but it also draws fans from different parts of the city. Signature furniture designed by the owner.


8. U Krawca Cafe

Siennicka St 3

A tiny cafe in Grochów has gained recognition as one of the best coffee spots in Warsaw. Delicious homemade cakes. We particularly recommend yeast buns with fruits.

9. FatWhite

Andersa St 6

A venue located in Muranów. It is set next to Ferajna barber shop. Great atmosphere.

Kawiarnia FatWhite
Kawiarnia FatWhite

10. Coffedesk

Wilcza St 42


Coffee experts and friendly atmosphere in the very centre of the city. Be warned that it is often difficult to find a free table. You can buy here wide range of products needed to brew fine coffee.

Coffeedesk, fot. mat. kawiarni