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Tomek Tyndyk

Varsovians: Tomek Tyndyk

An actor of TR Warszawa and a photographer. The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute has just published his photo album “Tomek Tyndyk/Theatre”. 

I was surprised how raw this album is. I have recently seen you in a play “California/Grace Slick”. On a scene, there was madness, colorful scenography, costumes. Your album “Tomek Tyndyk/Teatr” could look like this. Why have you decided on black and grey?
– I take photos at the theatre on different occasions. I have just thought that black and white would be an excellent method to unify the whole material. 

I really like the design of the album, the way of taking photos, multiplication, layering – one photo on another.
– It’s a story of covering and disclosing, revealing and hiding. A story about what is visible to the viewer and the things he can imagine that are happening backstage. 

The album was designed by Ania Nałęcka-Milach. During the exhibition which took place some time ago the idea of publishing this album was conceived and we made the first selection. It was an interesting process, discussing a shot after shot. I take photos very intuitively and here I had to bend over them. I don’t have a devout approach to my photos, that you cannot crop them, or they don’t work in the specific collection. All in all, they have to portray madness.

Madness? You mean your work?
– What actors experience on stage is some sort of madness. I don’t want to demonize it but it’s just the way it is. You are suspended over the two worlds. 

And what happens with you during a play?
– I haven’t seen it untill I saw these photographs. Anyway, I will not record all my plays just to analyze how I am changing during a play. This process is very smooth. It depends on what kind of mood you are in or on the audience. You are getting divorced – you play differently, you are getting married tomorrow – your acting is different. 

Shooting photos was a kind of therapy for me. I used to take a photo camera with me to work and I had to learn to distance myself to take a shot. It’s risky but rewarding. I came to the conclusion that no tension is needed. 

How come Maciek Pisuk is involved in this project?
– Maciek writes movie scripts, theatrical adaptations. He also takes photos. I just didn’t want to have in the album a typical essay on photography. So I immediately thought of him. He came up with the idea of a one-act play. This is how this funny, fickle story was created, how actors meet, look at these photos and talk about them.

There are no well-known faces from your theatre in this album.
– I could easily create such album – “Polish Actors”. Maybe the next one will be like this. I will bow and pay a tribute to acting. Here the theme is not solely an actor but what revolves around him. 

Justyna Wasilewska is here.
– She had to be because in this specific moment during the intermission we always meet for a fag. I have this feeling she is my mirror. There is this intermission and you still don’t take off your mask.

There are some autoportraits in the album. Are they taken at a similar moment?
– This is the moment of becoming your character. I decided I will not only peep my fellow actors – all sweat and tired. But I will also ruin myself in this album, too.

Photos: Aga Bilska (portraits) and Tomek Tyndyk (album)
Interview: Agnieszka Kowalska

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