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Those hands make miracles

The brush store on Poznańska has been open since 1952 and is run today by the owner’s grandson, Ryszard Baryliński. But, this place is nothing compared to Jan Kielman’s shoe shop that dates back to 1883.

Craftsmen’s workshops are places it’s really worth stopping in to take a break from city life to gift yourself something luxurious – a brush from all-natural hair, handmade shoes, gloves made of delicate leather, hats, umbrellas, lamshapdes… to purchase something lasting, good quality and with a story. But, also so that these professional craftmen will not have to worry about their ‘dying trade’.

– Specjalistyczna Pracownia Obuwia Tadeusza Januszkiewicza / Tadeusz Januszkiewicz’s shoe shop), Chmielna St. 10
– Pracownia Obuwia Jan Kielman i Syn / Jan Kielman and Son’s show shop, Chmielna St. 6
– Pracownia Obuwia Mistrz Jacek Kamiński / Jacek Kamiński’s shoe shop, Nowy Świat St. 22
– Pracownia Szczotek i Pędzli / Workshop for brushes, Poznańska St. 26, corner of Wspólna
– Pracownia Rękawiczek T. Kowalski / T. Kowalski’s glove shop, Chmielna St. 10
– Pracownia Rękawiczek A. Giedroyć / A. Giedroyc’s glove shop, Śniadeckich St. 18
– Cieszkowski – Pracownia czapek i kapeluszy / Cieszkowski’s hat shop, Targowa St. 18,
– Pracownia Krawiecka Zaremba / Zaremba’s Tailor, Nowogrodzka St. 15

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