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The art of neons

Neons add a bit of shine to Warsaw and remind us of a time when the streets where not filled with cheap ads and billboards covering every surface. On the other hand, in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, there were not many goods and, thus, not much to advertise. A few dozen neons remain in their original locations and some have been fully renovated, like the Mozaika neon on Puławska St., Izis on Marszałkowska, the ‘cloth’ on Plac Wilsona or the giant globe advertising a travel bureau. The rest that have managed to be saved are on displayy at the Neon Museum. They fascinate with their fonts, colors and original designs. We also have examples of new neons like Maurycy Gomulicki’s Lightsurt / Światłotrysk in Kępa Potocka or the Miło cię widzieć (Nice to see you) neon on Gdański Bridge (designed by Mariusz Lewczyk).

Neon Muzeum, Mińska St. 25,

Muzeum Neonów

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