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Welcome to the 90s.

Interiors of the Museum of Modern Art resound with music. Some people may feel here too old, others too young.

Rave culture was short-lived and dates back to the 90s. Exhibition explores links of music scene with visual arts. It is also about how culture of the 90s dynamically reacted to changes in Poland- institutional, social, political, material.

‘140 beats per minute’ is an exhibition perfectly suited for summer because of its cheerful party feeling (it is also an extended version of a show presented during the previous Open’er Festival).

In the 90s Poland was blooming. We got incredible civilizational and technological speed. This optimism, dynamics and fascination with new technologies is seen at this exhibition.

But there were also those who were overpowered by the changes and felt the inevitable catastrophe. Techno and stimulants helped to lose control.

Connections of punk with polish art are well known. Here we can see the new chapter. Maybe is something far from what we see right now in the streets of Polish cities but come on, it’s summer.

‘140 beats per minute’ can be seen at the Museum on the Vistula (Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St. 22) till 27th August. Admission free. More at

Works used in the text:
Marcelo Zammenhoff, Usta, 1992
Miłosz Łuczyński, Miłość, 1996
Marcelo Zammenhoff, Techno design, lata 90.
CUKT (Centralny Urząd Kultury Technicznej), Kampania prezydencka Wiktorii CUKT, 1999-2000
Karol Suka, Po rejwie na barce, 1992.

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