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Tartar, herring and a shot

If you’re looking for communist relics, look no further than the “Charm of the PRL” museum to go back in time (they also organize trips around Warsaw in an old ZSD Nysa bus).

Time stopped 50 years ago at Lotos restaurant, where the wood paneling perfectly accopmanies the vodka and herring.

Classic entrees, like herring in cream, tartar or jellied porks feet can also be found at Mozaika, a restaurant that has a taste of Communist nostalgia, but is stylishly renovated. Here, you can drink your herring down with a glass of prosecco. Mozaika also have an original Communist neon from the 1970s.

– Café Mozaika, Puławska St. 53,
– Lotos, Belwederska St. 2,
– Czar PRL, Głucha St. 3a,


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