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We like these cities, too – TALLINN [TOP 10]

There are no dogs, bikes, greenery and low-floor trams here. Local beaches are different from what we have in Warsaw and non-meat food restaurants are in deficit. However, there are other attractions. Distance in Tallin is not a problem. Tram can get you directly from the airport to the city center, there is an attractive art district, not to mention the Tallin Music Festival. It is a pity we don’t have such cultural event in Warsaw. 

Maybe it was not the right moment for a visit. In Warsaw, it was getting warmer and in Tallin, on the contrary, it was snowing. However, it is not an excuse. The Scandinavian people experience chilly weather too and yet they ride their bikes and have excellent public spaces. We can say that Warsaw can pride itself on beautiful parks, squares, beaches, recreation routes by the Vistula River, boulevards with restaurants and cyclist bridge over the river. No wonder we eagerly spend time outside. However, on the streets of Tallin, there are fewer hooligans, drunkards and homeless people. Well, you can’t have it all. 

Tallin is a compact city, perfect for walking. Unfortunately, it lacks some characteristic buildings. We tend to complain about our Palace of Culture and Science but at least we have such landmark. During street concerts at the Tallin Music Festival hotels served as a background architecture. Interesting yet boring. 

This is a city and a kingdom of women. The festival was inaugurated by the Ms. President and most of the participants during the conference were women. There are also unisex public toilets. Seemingly, nothing extraordinary but quite meaningful detail worth mentioning.

Generally, we had a great time in Tallin. We will definitely come back here soon. Here is a list of our favourite places:

1. Balti Jaama – an excellent market hall with good food, street food restaurants, antiques, clothes, local design.

2Telliskivi Loomelinnak – a creative district sustaining itself from public donations. Great variety of restaurants, shops, offices, clubs, and studios. Despite the private owner of the property the place is run by an ambitious curatorial team and has kept its indie character (see photo above). Every Saturday there is a flea market. In the vicinity Balti Jaama – a market hall.

3. Kalamaja District – a lot of interesting real estate architecture. Worth visiting. You can feel the Scandinavian spirit in the air. 

4. Eesti Tarbekunsti – a tiny museum of the Estonian design of the 20th century located in picturesque tenement houses in the Old Town. Glass, fabrics, porcelain.

5. Kalaturg – fish market – perfect for tasting local food.

6. Manna La Roosa – interiors taken straight from a wild dream, an excellent place for an evening meeting with your friends. 

7. EKKM – modern art located in a small box of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia.

8. Kultuurikatel – an excellent example of industrial architecture revitalization. A place for cultural events, design markets, conferences. There is the EKKM museum and an art bookshop nearby.

9. Kawiarnia August – an ideal place for lazy breakfasts. 

10. Linnahaal – post-communistic complex, a picturesque ruin of a former Olympic venue with a view on the sea. Similar to our riverside stairs.

Pchli targ na Telliskivi
Balti Jaama
Balti Jaama
Eeesti Tarbekunsti
August Cafe
Telliskivi Loomelinnak

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