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T-shirts for tourists

Both brands started out producing funny teeshirts and, today, they’re small clothing entrepreneurs. They manufacture in Poland, set the bar high in terms of quality and image, which you can see in their flagship stores. with the pig in the logo couldn’t shooce a better locaiton than a former meat shop. The store, on Dobra St., next to the University Library, features pillows in the shape of hot dogs and ham hocks hanging on hooks. And, of course, tees, blouses and hats.

Pan Tu Nie Stal’s base is in Łódź, but they have many fans in Warsaw, and, as such, a shop on Koszykowa. There’s a vary local vibe, patterns taken from Communist aesthetics, Polish literature and nature. There’s a wide range of books and magazines, clothes for kids, cosmetics and good coffee.

–, Dobra St, 53,
– Pan Tu Nie Stał, Koszykowa St, 34/50,

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