Porcelanowa – souvenir from Poland

Porcelanowa – souvenir from Poland

We keep our fingers crossed for Porcelanowa because it is an ambitious project.

We missed such a place where one could buy the best modern porcelain designed by the Polish artists.

The selection here is superb. There are our favourite sets by Marek Cecuła (Modus Studio) for Ćmielów and Dorota Koziara for Bolesławiec. There are also huge vases by Malwina Konopacka and Monika Patuszyńska, the last sets designed by Maria Jeglińska for Kristoff. On separate shelves there are unique vessels by Fenek and August Design Studio. Kalva, Ende and MLY Studio are very popular among customers.
Some artists work individually, kilning their vessels in their own stoves. Others like Grynasz Studio cooperate with well known, renowned porcelain producers for example “Karolina”. This is how they worked on their “Zaczyn” project.

At Porcelanowa you can learn how this branch is developing. The owner, Izabela Czyżak, is always on the spot and eagerly shares her passion with the clients. She left her job at the IT company to set up something on her own. Porcelanowa is a family business. You can feel she put her heart and soul into this place.

Porcelanowa, Kredytowa St 2, www.porcelanowa.com

Gospodyni Porcelanowej Izabela Czyżak
Porcelanowa, serwis Circus Kristoffa
PORCELANOWA, serwis Marii Jeglińskiej dla Kristoffa
August Design Studio w Porcelanowej
Serwis Marka Cecuły dla Ćmielowa
Sklep Porcelanowa
Sklep Porcelanowa
Fenek Studio w Porcelanowej
Wazon Malwiny Konopackiej w Porcelanowej
Sklep Porcelanowa