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Sanki – polish fresh blood in music

For the first time this year, inspired by BBC Sounds, Gazeta Wyborcza introduced ‘Sanki’ (named after Robert Sankowski, Wyborcza’s music critic, who passed away last year) – a poll of music critics and industry. They pick young, promising bands, those on the verge of breaking. The winner gets pick out of a top 3, first chosen from a final 10.    

I am very happy that the first edition of the poll was dominated by girls. Seven out of ten finalists are women. The winner of this year’s edition is Rosalie., but also The Pau, MIN t, Pola Rise, LOR or the girls from Sorja Mojra or ALA | Zastary left a strong impression. Among the guys my favorite is Niemoc (eng. Infirmity), a band with loads of potential and talent and one very misleading name.

Why would a band need a poll like ‘Sanki’? I asked Paulina Dudek, whose one-man band The Pau, was one of the final 10. “I really like the idea of a contest, that focuses on starting bands, those without contracts, without the support of large labels. The fact that my name, The Pau, appeared several times in Gazeta Wyborcza certainly resulted in more interest in what I do. After the final 10 was announced I received several concert proposals.”

On Saturday, April 7, Grizzly Gin Bar will host the grand finale – a summary of the first edition, meetings with the winners and Rosalie’s concert. Unfortunately, there are no tickets anymore, but inspired by ‘Sanki’ I created a mixtape, which includes artists from the final 10, as well as others, in my opinion, noteworthy young polish artists. 

Misia Furtak
photo: Aleksander Kienitz (materiały prasowe Rosalie)



Sorja Morja – Nowy Utwór
Niemoc – Wyspy Chłodne
Rosalie – Gone
Min t – Part of me
Coals – 90’s Babies
M8N – Veins
NOHONO – Kalimba
Rosa Vertov – Dusty Faces
runforrest – Fall
Ala|Zastary – Pilot
Tęskno – Galop
hidden track –  The Pau – Nie Czekaj

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