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Plantarium – green oasis

A flat without plants is like a place without people and animals. It doesn’t have any sense. Plants help us survive the autumn and winter months. They help us breathe when smog attacks. During summer we decorate our balconies with plants creating this way mini gardens. 

Today Kamila Ciszek cannot imagine life without plants. And not so long ago she just thought that she hadn’t got a green thumb. She used to work in PR and she rarely was at home. 

First, there were tillandsias. Thanks to them she gained popularity. To be precise, thanks to plantosaurs which she sold at the markets. Soon colourful dinosaurs with tillandsias became ubiquitous in Warsaw. 

Kamila started to read more about domestic plants, found a small place in Mokotów and left her regular job. Similarly, her fiance with whom she works at Planarium. There is also a wonderful dog- Willy. Quite a happy team.

They value personal contact with a client. They realize individual orders, make flower arrangements in flats and during events. At their shop apart from plants (philodendrons is Kamila’s favourite plant at the moment), you can find woven baskets and plant pots.

When they organize sales at Plantarium, there is always a long queue in the street. Maybe it is a trend. Just like with food. However, let it never perish.

Plantarium, Puławska St 38/42 (entrance from Grażyny St),

Photo: Aga Bilska


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