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Piotr Polak

Piotr Polak

Actor at Nowy Teatr,

Warsaw is now…

In the process of finding itself. It’s got one leg in modern Europe and the other stuck in a difficult past. It is rebelling more often and seeking it’s own path. But, it’s not yet ready to welcome all the freaks of the world with open arms, those who are waiting, hidden. It is, however, starting to break certain rules. It’s pulsing.

Your favorite place in this city?

I don’t have one single place. And I don’t want to. I love Praga. One of my fetishes is driving through the city with very specifically chosen music. And I especially love to cruise around the tiny old streets of the not-yet-renovated Praga. It’s not a very friendly place nor is it that pretty. But it’s old Warsaw and it’s very primitive. In a way, it’s more real. There’s no place for me here, I don’t fit in. But, I get it and I respect it. If there were to exist something like Polish Blues music, it would have it’s roots here.

Why is it worth checking out Nowy Teatr?

First of all, because it’s a beautiful building. It is, literally, for everyone. It’s a very active cultural center where there are also concerts, exhibitions, happenings, guests from around Poland and the world stage their shows here. You can simply sit and have a coffee, eat something tasty and not think about anything. In the summer, you can even tan on a lawn chair. It’s a great place.


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