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Opasły Tom: Taste of Autumn

Autumn starts at Opasły Tom. If you are not so fond of this season, here you can change your mind.

Opasły Tom has taken a risk and changes chefs every season. Team, under the command of Agnieszka and Marcin Kręgliccy is fixed, philosophy of preparing dishes from local seasonal products remains unchangeable. Only personalities responsible for menu alter.

Flavia Borawska started this year, then Wit Szychowski came. Summer belonged to Robert Lach, who regularly works at Zamek Królewski and in autumn 25-year-old Tomasz Janiczek will be at the helm. He is rather shy in closer contact with the clients but in the kitchen he knows what he wants. He has high demands when it comes to quality of products, which he usually finds at Good Food Market in Forteca, a place known for a great variety of products from the local manufacturers.

It is his second job in Warsaw. Previously he had been a chef at Nowa Próżna. He had demonstrated his enthusiasm for cooking from an early age. “My parents have a farm so all these ecological tastes – eggs, vegetables from the garden, unpasteurized milk – I know from my childhood” – he says.

He is a self-taught man. He quit gastronomic school in Tarnów and polished his skills in restaurants. He worked in Germany for 2 years, then he got an offer to work at Salina in Bochnia, where he was a sous chef. At Nowa Próżnia he got promoted to a chef.

We had an opportunity to taste his dishes which will be available at Opasły Tom from the beginning of this week. In autumn the range of fresh products is limited but Tomasz Janiczek likes this time of the year and all characteristic tastes. Thus in the menu one will find: pumpkin (freshly made pumpkin rolls, rose-flavoured creamy pumpkin soup, mushrooms (in mushroom butter), beetroots, fish (potato pie with veal from catfish with beetroots), onion (onion soup with the taste of cinnamon), roasted topinambour, chickpea with apricots and nigella, lots of home made pickles (for example kapuśniak).

It is worth ordering a tasting menu which consists of 5-7 dishes and specially selected wines. Of course there will some modifications during the season. We already felt inspired and lots of these taste combinations will be used when preparing our own dishes for Christmas dinner.

Opasły Tom, Foksal St 17,

Photo: Filip Klimaszewski

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