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Old and new market halls

This is the best place to get the vibe of the city – among the hustle and bustle, smells and market stall colors. We recommend both the old and new versions of the market hall. Haha Mirowska dates back to 1901 and is the best example of that kind of architecture in the city. At the surrounding bazar, you can buy fruits and vegetables from farmers, the best meats, cold cuts, fish and flowers. Koszyki is a reconstruction of an old market hall from 1909 designed by Julius Dzierżanowski. A part of the original building was saved and integrated with new architecture designed by the JEMS studio. It’s worth stopping by so that you can try a few different restaurants and have a glass of prosecco at the longest bar in Warsaw.

– Hala Mirowska, Plac Mirowski 1
– Hala Koszyki, Koszykowa St. 63,

Hala Koszyki

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