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Old and new market halls

Market halls are the places where you can feel the vibes of the city. Hustle and bustle, smells and variety of colours. We recommend the old and the new versions of the market halls.

Hala Mirowska from 1901 is one the most excellent examples of this type of architecture in the city. On the market near Hala Mirowska, you can buy fruits and vegetables from farmers, the best meat, cold cuts, fish, and flowers. Adjoining Hala Gwardii has recently been brought to life. The interior has been renovated, but with no radical changes, so you can feel the climate of a real market hall from the beginning of the 20th century.

Hala Gwardii operates during weekends, from Friday to Sunday. You will find here sandwiches, shops with books, cosmetics, and stalls with delicious food. If you want to taste the best Polish specialties from the local manufacturers, this is the right place. (Read our interview with a host – Krzysztof Cybruch…)

Whereas, Hala Koszyki is a renovated version of the market hall from 1909, designed by Juliusz Dzierżanowski and reconstructed in 2016 by JEMS Architects. Parts of the old elements were preserved and integrated with the modern architecture. It is worth dropping by to taste food from the local restaurants and drink wine at the longest bar in Warsaw. You will find here also stalls with delicious Polish fish, cheese, honey and cold cuts.

Hala Mirowska, Mirowski Square 1
Hala Gwardii, Żelaznej Bramy Square 1,
Hala Koszyki, Koszykowa St 63,

Hala Koszyki
Hala Gwardii
Hala Gwardii
Hala Gwardii
Hala Gwardii

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