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Natalia Paszkowska & Marcin Mostafa

Warsaw is now…

Full of interesting people. They grow up here, come here, some for a moment, some for longer. There are so many and they are everywhere – too many in a lot of places. But, thanks to them, this city is alive.

Your favorite places in Warsaw?

Based on our current location, definitely Skaryszewski park together with the Kamionkowski Fields. It’s an under-invested area and, despite that, serves its local community well. Is has the potential of Central Park, on a southern Praga scale, of course. If you really want to get a full taste of the park and see all the unusual attractions it has to offer (like wild water turtles or the stealthy Grochów ninja running by), you should plan so spend a few hours wandering around.

Where would you take tourists?

It’s not very original, but to the Vistula. Not necessarily at night, not necessarily to the boulevards, but for a walk or bike ride over Świętokrzyski Bridge, down to the beach and out to the forest. It’s the city’s belly button, nature’s birthmark and, thankfully, not quite healed over.

Natalia Paszkowska & Marcin Mostafa – architects from the WWAA studio,

Służewski Dom Kultury

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