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Mustache Yard Sale – setting new trends

It is time for round anniversaries. Konrad Ozdowy and Patrick Deba have been friends for over fifteen years, for ten years they have been organizing markets and for five years they have been running an online shop It seems to be a sign for a change. Maybe not in the terms of a total revolution but let it be an evolution. Konrad and Patrick feel the competition breathing down their necks especially in December, just before Christmas, when there are plenty of different markets taking place at the same time. Yet, they don’t complain about the number of visitors at Mustache Yard Sale. There are always crowds, and Palace of Culture and Science, which is one of the biggest venues dedicated to such events, appears to be even insufficient for them. But one tends to always dream big and always do better – offer a great variety of events connected with the market, relax zone, special premieres of brands. Bread & Butter, an urban fashion trade fair which takes place in Berlin, serves them as a great inspiration for this type of event.

The first Yard Sale was organized in Obiekt Znaleziony, in the underground of the Zachęta Gallery (15 participants). Over the course of time, the venues were changing: klub 1500, Soho Factory and finally Palace of Culture. There were also different cities: Poznań, Katowice, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Płock. Konrad and Patrick have focused mainly on fashion. Young, new brands have been growing up with them. Throughout the years there have been over 3400 brands which took part in the market. 

They have achieved a success because they have learnt from their mistakes. Two years ago when the important investors left the negotiation table and big companies were lagging behind with payments, it was almost certain that Mustache was doomed to fail. However, step by step Konrad and Patrick overcame a stalemate and right now they are back on track. 

This weekend, 28th edition of Mustache Yard Sale will take place at Palace of Culture and Science. There will be 250 fashion brands, booths with design, cosmetics, food, books, vinyl records, and graphics. For the first time, Mustache Yard Sale will host the representants of the most talented designers from Lithuania. When at the fairs, look for the Warszawawarsaw bags and our album sold at special promo price. We will be at the Art Street Kiosk booth (#166).

21st – 22nd April, Palace of Culture and Science, open 11 AM – 7 PM, admission free. After party on Saturday at 10 PM at Luna Cinema. Admission tickets allowing you for a 50 % discount are available at the fairs;

Photo: Filip Klimaszewski (portrait) and’s press materials. 

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