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Muzeum nad Wisłą

Museum under construction

It’s not true that Warsaw doesn’t have a Museum of Modern Art (MSN) – it does, just without a home. The institution, under museum director Joanna Mytkowska, has been thriving since 2008 and, both out of necessity and deliberately, is testing out the ways that an art institution can function in an era of an uncertain economy and politics (also organizing the Warsaw Under Construction festival in a variety of locations around the city).

The museum is based on Pańska St. 3 behind the former Emilia furniture pavilion where it had temporary exhibition space. At it’s Pańska HQ, you can check out an intimate exhibit, have a cup of coffee at the eMeSeN cafe or buy an art album at the Bookoff bookstore.

Since spring 2017, MSN also has a pavilion by the Vistula river, next to the Copernicus Science Center, designed by Adolf Krischanitz. And, from 2020, we hope that it will have a permanent home in a building designed by Thomas Phifer in Defilad Square.

Museum of Modern Art, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St. 22, Pańska St. 3,

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