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Michał Brzozowski

Michał Brzozowski

DJ, owner of Na Lato,

Warsaw is now…

A really dynamic, interesting city. It mixes a big city vibe with the slowly disappearing alternative. It’s developing as a pathwork, offering a lot of different opportunities. At the same time, it is rather expensive for local residents and it polarizes between the wealthy stock market, Polish fashion, hip hop and disco polo. However, it’s missing a multicultural atmosphere, minorities and their input in street culture to be a true metropolis.

Your favorite place in the city?

Rydza-Śmigłego Park – it’s big and very diverse. I walk through it every day. It provides me with a bit of a break, it inspires me and it’s a bit moody. From the secretive, slightly run-down area around Górnośląska through the elegant and stylish stairs at Frascati to the flowering avenues at Na Lato to the footbridge near the stock market on Książęca… It also has an outdoor fitness area, many forgotten corners, steep allyes for downhill bikers and the Jutrzenka skate park. It’s an urban jungle.

If you were to send a tourist to a good party?

There’s not really a bastion of independent culture in Warsaw right now as 1500m2 or Powiększenie once were. For those wanting to dance, Na Lato is a good choise – it’s open, has some wild crowds and three dance floors with different kinds of music. There’s something for those wanting mroe commercial sounds or those preferring more underground vibes. In the summer, it’s just two feet from the Vistula, where there’s something for everyone.

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