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Grynasz Studio

Marta Niemywska & Dawid Grynasz

Designers and founders of Grynasz Studio (

Warsaw is now…

Dynamic, changing, absorbent. The energy of this city inspires you to do things. For us as designers, it’s heaven on earth because there is still a lot of space and a lot of things left to design.

Your favorite spot in Warsaw? 

We love Żoliborz. This district weaves an urban fabric together with nature. The pre-war urban planning in Żoliborz means that it’s both a great place to live and to work. Gems of modernist architecture, like the house by the Burksalski duet or Lachert and Szajnacy project, are home to good restaurants (like our favorite Ósma Kolonia) and cafes where you can really start your day off right (we recommend Fawory), shops filled with Komplet’s vintage Scandinavian design or the cult Electronic cinema. On top of all that, there’s a lot of green space and old trees, lending to a relaxed atmosphere for running or taking a walk after an intense day.

Where would you recommend to visitors?

We’d recommend a bike ride starting out with a coffee in our studio near Świętojerska, followed by a visit to the nearby neighboring POLIN museum. Then, ride across the river to the Praga side of the Vistula and end up in the city center for dinner at Bibenda – something for your body and soul.

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