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Maria Jeglińska

Maria Jeglińska

Designer (


Always surprises me. It’s impossible to define this city because it’s always developing at such a rapid pace. It’s not a beautiful city, but that is what makes it interesting. And it means that we are redefining the concept of the word ‘beauty’.

Your favorite place in Warsaw?

It depends on the time of year. In the summer, I love to walk through Łazienki – I like to discover the park’s nooks and crannies, listen to Chopin by the monument and then head to the neighboring cafe, Mônsieur Léon, for a bite.

When the sun goes down, I like to wander up and down the Vistula river and through Młociński Forest. It’s hard to believe that you’re still in the city there.

Where would you send visitors to?

Warsaw has developed so much in terms of cuisine, which always surprises my foreign guests. So, I can always recommend AleWino on Mokotowska Street for dinner.

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