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Malwina Konopacka

Malwina Konopacka

Illustrator, ceramics designer (

Warsaw is now…

Finally itself. It’s mature, independent, full of confidence. It’s Warsaw: an interesting city with it’s own map of interesting places, it’s own vibe, with people from here and from everywhere – all of what makes up a modern city with character.

Your favorite place in Warsaw? 

I was born in Warsaw and I have lived here my whole life. I have my own topography of the city, filled with memories, stories and pathways, so it would be hard for me to pick a favorite place. I like to wander off my beaten path, leave the city, discover new niches and proudly discover new areas.

Where would you send a visitor?

It would be something like culture versus nature. Either to an exhibition or to one of the city’s parks. For example, a walk to Żoliborz through Lelewela park, followed by a vegan meal at Ósma Kolonia. Or maybe you’re here during Warsaw Gallery Weekend? Or Ballady i Romansy are playing a concert? Or there’s a Magnus von Horn or Robert Bolesto film premier? There’s so much happening in Warsaw!

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