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Life has returned to Próżna

In 2007, artist Joanna Rajkowska built the ‘Oxygenator’, a pond on Plac Grzybowski to fill the empty, depressing space. Nothing here worked together and the neighbors didn’t spend any time on this square. The ruined buildings on Próżna, that once were teeming with life as the Jewish center of Warsaw, stand tribute to the destruction of Warsaw in WWII. The square was dominated by a giant Catholic church where an underground anti-Semitic publishing house was formerly located, right next to block apartment buildings and offices.

Thanks to the ‘Oxygenator’, people have started to come out onto the square, and both the city and private investors started to recognize its potential. A redesign project for the square came about and Próżna is getting its shine back. Now, it’s full of great restaurants and a mix of tourists and Varsovians. Próżna has been brought back to life.

– Charlotte Menora, Grzybowski Sq. 2,
– Kieliszki na Próżnej, Próżna St. 12,

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