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Short menu – better menu. It’s bistro time!


Warsaw gastronomical scene is pretty dynamic – something appears,  something disappears. Places with non-pretentious atmosphere, short menu, with attention to details are the recent trend. Places where you can sit with your friends, go on a date, not to get disappointed when receiving a bill. Places where you can talk to the owners, who are usually on site and will eagerly answer all your inquiring  “what, how and why” questions.


Walecznych St 64
It is a butcher and bistro at the same time. Short, precise menu based on steaks and a variety of additionals to choose and a few seasonal main courses. The bistro has recently obtained a liquor license and can pride itself on a fine selection of wines. Piotr Szczęsny and Paweł Suwała are responsible for the business. The latter has been a chef at Butchery and Wine for some time. Quality is of paramount importance for this duet.


Chmielna St 13 a (next to Mąka i Woda)
For now, this place is open only from Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM. It offers Italian-style sandwiches. Bread and rolls are baked on the spot and are base for the sandwiches filled with cold cuts and a variety of additionals. We recommend a delicious sandwich with fried chicken drumstick and liver. It is dry and dignified. Ciabatta with porchetta and broth to dip makes the whole combination nice and smooth. Just exquisite. Recently Supperlardo has been offering bread and cold cuts to go. We are waiting for the place to start operating on a full-time basis.


Bartoszewicza St 3
Enter the restaurant and you will find yourself literally in the kitchen where you can order food. There are three ramens to choose: Miso, Shoyu and Jiro. The latter is worth trying when you have already eaten the other two. It is a real treat for pork enthusiasts because the whole combination is surmounted with pork fat. All variations are well prepared. When you order kimchi you can feel the smell of an opened barrel in the whole bistro. Delicious and genuine. 

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Yatta Ramen
Yatta Ramen
Yatta Ramen

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