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Justyna Chrabelska

Justyna Chrabelska

Fashion designer (

Warsaw is now…

Dynamic and surprising and still really friendly. My city.

Your favorite place in the city?

I’ve always loved the palace gardens in Wilanów. As a child, I would play in the boxwood labyrinths, soaking up the spirit of history. Today, I love walking around the park surrounding King Jan Sobieski III’s palace that was kept intact despite many wars. On summer days, you can take a boat around the park and, in the winter, you can check out the palace’s interior or an interesting exhibition at the neighborhing Poster Museum in Wilanów.

Where wuld you send visitors?

On a summer night, to the Vistula. It’s the best place to start a party – it’s not pretentious and it’s teaming with life. Everyone will be there.


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