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30th anniversary of JEMS Architects. Its Warsaw TOP 5

Hala Koszyki, JEMS Architekci, fot. Juliusz Sokołowski

One of the most successful Warsaw architecture studios celebrates its thirtieth anniversary and it does it in its typical modest way.

Do not expect an exhibition showcasing the best JEMS’ projects. Instead, at Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy you will see paintings by Tomasz Trzupek. The architect has been cooperating with the studio since 2016 and his paintings are inspired by JEMS’ architecture.

JEMS Architects was founded in 1988 in Warsaw by Olgierd Jagiełło, Maciej Miłobędzki, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski, and Wojciech Zych. Among their best-known designs are such iconic projects as the Agora Media Company headquarters in Warsaw, International Congress Centre in Katowice, Pixel office complex in Poznań, or expansion of the Raczyński Library in Poznań. Currently, they are working on a new face of Warsaw Brewery.

Here are our favourite realisations of JEMS in Warsaw:

1. 19th DISTRICT – 2012
Housing estate – unfenced, green, ideal place to live. Large balconies, varied sizes of the apartments. Thanks to this housing estate we returned to the discussion on the quality of life in large housing estates.

An interesting merge of the new with the old. Vivid, modern shape, which almost immediately became one of the icons of modern Warsaw architecture.

3. HALA KOSZYKI – 2016
They managed to salvage many Art Nouveau gems. Hala Koszyki serves as an example of a fine restoration of a postindustrial object.

4. AGORA – 2012
One of the first modern office buildings in Poland. It is a friendly workplace despite the great open space office part. And these famous razor blades!

Superb brutal!

Jerzy Szczepanik Dzikowski in his essay on “The need for authenticity” defines the JEMS philosophy: “We should not get excited about fashion and slogans but what historically shaped us, what constitutes our culture, what is an essence of our perception, and also understanding the roots and the nature of contemporary changes and their irreversibility”.

We wish the studio and also us, the Varsovians, more such responsible realisations of friendly residential and public buildings. Thirty is a good age.

“JEMS Architects /Tomasz Trzupek” exhibition at Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy (3rd floor of Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store, Bracka St 25). Open from March 22nd to April 4th, 10 AM-8 PM. Admission free.

Agora, fot. Damian Rumiencew/JEMS
Agora, fot. Damian Rumiencew/JEMS
ASP, fot. Aga Bilska
Koszyki, fot. Aga Bilska
Hotel Vienna House Mokotów, fot. Juliusz Sokołowski/JEMS
Hotel Vienna House Mokotów, fot. Juliusz Sokołowski/JEMS
19. Dzielnica, fot. Juliusz Sokołowski/JEMS
19. Dzielnica, fot. Juliusz Sokołowski/JEMS

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