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Varsovians: Jacek Dymowski

A trainer, founder of Żoliborska Szkoła Boksu (Żoliborz Boxing School). He can pride himself on many achievements. He is a member of the training team of Ewa Brodnicka – the current super featherweight WBO World Champion and his pupils Oliwia Toborek and Martyna Kania have recently been summoned to the national team. 

Żoliborska Szkoła Boksu is located in the RKS Marymont. It has been here for over three years and everyone can sign up ( 

Żoliborz was the place of his grandparents and his parents. He was brought up here and went to the nearby school number 65. Now he lives in Wola, but he wants to move back. Every day he wakes up at 5 o’clock and at 6 AM he is already in the club.

It’s sad that the nearby arena is in such a poor condition. It is a treasure of the postwar architecture. 
– It is indeed. Especially that the traditions of RKS Marymont date back to 1911. It is one of the oldest sports clubs in Warsaw. Luckily the stand from the 1950s has been under conservatory protection. There is also a new initiative – Ocalmy Marymont (Save Marymont). The fight continues.

I believe that the city will donate some money for renovation and soon it will all look ravishing.

Your club is located in one of these older buildings. It’s nice in here but it seems you have a problem with heating.
– There is no central heating. We cope with it in a different way. But we don’t complain. It is a beautiful headquarters. We owe this place to the District Council. We have our own place. We arranged it the way we wanted. There are vintage boxing posters and archival photos donated by the collector Stanisław Skowroński. This place has good vibes and we all feel good here.

Was there a boxing section here in Marymont before the war?
– We don’t know much about it. I found some mention in the pre-war book on Żoliborz that since 1937 there was such section in Marii Kazimiery street, not far away from here. With the district council’s consent, we used a graphic in our logo.

The oldest boxing clubs in Warsaw are Legia and Gwardia. You chose Legia.
– My adventure with boxing started quite late even though I was a huge fan of sport since my early childhood. My grandfather used to take us to a swimming pool since we were 4 years old. In a primary school I trained basketball, then karate and kickboxing.

When I was 18 years old I went to boxing classes at the AWF Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw which were run by the deceased Tomasz Nowak. After two years I transferred to Legia where I stayed for 10 years. It was a place where professional boxers practiced and we were on good terms with them.

It is similar with you here. There are professionals and beginners. Does it work?
– The beginners come here because of the professionals and their successes. They want to learn something. They are role models for them.

You have to get similar satisfaction from this as with medals of your pupils?
– It’s true. These kids have their own place here, a shelter. They often tell me about their problems. One of the members who has recently been summoned to the national team was sent here by a curator. We will also work with the kids from the nearby school who need mental support.

Thanks to such challenges I feel my own progress. We are not gods, we won’t help everyone, but all in all, you can help many of them.

What features do you need to have to win medals in boxing?
– It works just like in any other discipline. You have to be determined, have passion and follow it. Training is sacred.

Photos: Filip Klimaszewski
Interviewed: Agnieszka Kowalska

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