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Illustrated atlas of architecture

Are you interested in architecture? Are you looking for original Warsaw tour guides? This series is for you. 

Books about cities have special place on our bookshelves and among many of them there is also a series of illustrated atlases published by the Centrum Architektury Foundation. Recently a new member to the collection has been added- ‘POW’. We already have ‘SAS’, ‘MOK’, ‘ŻOL’ and ‘OCH’. These abbreviations of Warsaw districts local patriots could put on their plates. 

The idea is simple and brilliant in its simplicity. We have here the most characteristic buildings and sculptures which exist in public spaces in all of these selected districts. Black and white illustrations of architectural forms isolated from the surroundings in a way one could see them in full grandeur (Magda Piwowar is responsible for the idea and project of the series), plus descriptions of buildings (in case of ‘POW’ prepared by Małgorzata Omilanowska and Katarzyna Uchowicz). It is something for residents of Warsaw who want to know the history of their city as well as for tourists who are looking for unique routes in Warsaw. 

The whole series of illustrated atlases of architecture can be bought in Bęc Zmiana (Mokotowska Str. 65 ) and Super Salon (Chmielna Str. 10)

Powiśle is the top place in Warsaw during summer because we all go by the river. And we take ‘POW’ with us.

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