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Fenek has its own place

The best thing about collecting porcelain by Fenek is that there hasn’t been so far two objects of the same features that came out of their stove. Forms repeat. Cups, goblets, vases, plates, but no pattern can be duplicated. Everything is one of its kind. They are so characteristic that one can say without hesitation: “yes, this object was made by Fenek”.

Agata Klimkowska and Tosia Kiliś have their own followers but also devoted fans. Most importantly, they finally have their own place. They had to move out from their previous workshop in Podskarbińska Street because a developer decided to destroy the postindustrial buildings where they had their headquarters. They used to travel to the other side of Warsaw just to kiln their objects.

Right now they have their own stove in a perfect location. Many Varsovians remember this tiny place from the Szczotki&Pędzle times. It’s a place with good energy. Here Agata, Tosia and their coworkers Ania Marszał and Maciek Żychowicz can work, meet with clients, sell their porcelain. 

The girls met during their studies at the School of Form in Poznań. They made a project together during their first year. They were also flatmates so their relationship tightened.

They started their production by making flowerpots with cactuses and succulents. Hence the name of the company – Fenek, the fennec fox. Right now the girls are experimenting with forms. One can see on the shelves resting cats, tiny cups like the ones from a dollhouse, brooches in a shape of an eye or even ceramic cigarettes. Everything here is a bit ironic and humorous. But this is just Fenek. 

Fenek Studio, Tamka St 48b,

photo: Aga Bilska


Fenek Studio

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