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Fear smells like kale

Magda Buczek is one of the most interesting artists working with body and text. Clothes seem to be perfect medium for her.

SURPLUS project has something from the spirit of punk’s DYI. It is easy to buy something new in a high-street shop. The trick is to wear something really unique. In the past we were all fascinated by the process of dyeing fabrics on our own, altering old clothes, printing patterns on them, embroidering logos, adding patches. Everyone of us was an artist and designer.

Magda does it in a more sophisticated way. She looks for clothes in secondhand shops, auction sites and places texts from her former works. Inspiring, intriguing, controversial, funny (‘Fear smels like kale’, ‘In Guggenheim I could only think about fucking’, ‘Personality is a luxury’).

This way new art objects are created, which could successfully be found in art galleries as well as at fashion fairs or in boutique with design. SURPLUS was at the Berlin Fashion Week in July, and will be shown in London at the Hackney Wicked Festival during the upcoming weekend.

But most of all the project functions on the streets and internet- used and interpreted by people who wear these clothes. And the most intriguing thing is that it embraces people from different fields of culture, mixes media and merges into our everyday life.

Photo sessions spice up the whole project even more. The first one was made by Rafał Gawęda (photos below) for Quadrat shop in Berlin, next one will be shot by Zuza Krajewska.

Magda Buczek for the past years worked in the United States and Mexico. Her stays there opened her mind to experiments and risk. She became less restricted when it comes to body and look. It is all visible in this project. Her Tshirts with often dark and difficult slogans are worn by self confident people. They don’t have to wear a big slogan ‘I’m sexy and i know it’ anymore.

More about the project:

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