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Emilia Obrzut

Varsovians: Emilia Obrzut

She runs, a platform for selling and promoting retro design, deals with services and publishing. She has recently set up a brand, Simple as that, which produces natural detergents. She is an advocate of ecology and minimalism.

I have always thought that a flat of a founder of Patyna would look like a mini gallery of Polish design. To my surprise, there are only few objects here.
– I have been getting rid of objects recently. I treat them as movable possessions. Thus I no longer collect, nor buy. I have only kept these objects which have sentimental value to me. These are for example presents from my friends and family. I switched to art.

Patyna opened only two years ago and it seems that design market has changed much over this short period of time.
– Significantly. An opening of a permanent exhibition of the Polish design from the 20th century in the National Museum might be the best example of this change. These objects have gained some museum value. Prices have increased, it is more and more difficult to get them. And it is a natural way of life.

At first, there was a huge enthusiasm, market research. No one knew how to set prices, how much people would be willing to pay. Since then there have been many professional publications, new collectors. I am glad that Patyna has been participating in this trend because from the very beginning I have focused on its educational aspect.

What were the origins of Simple as that? Were you tired of Patyna?
– Not at all. But for me, the most interesting part is designing, making research, targeting. Now Patyna is in full swing, there is less space for creation so I immediately started thinking about setting up something new.

It is the next business based on no waste philosophy.
– I would have a problem if I ran a company that overproduces or destroys the environment.

I wanted to get rid of chemical detergents at home, take care of my health. And believe me, it is not so difficult after all. I enjoy it. I started from deodorant, cleansing milk. Now cleaning is fun for me.

Do you create recipes yourself?
– Yes, but they are mostly oldfashioned. Their main ingredient is soda. There are only five ingredients in every product. They are vegan, not detrimental to health, environmentally friendly. They smell sublime. Packages can be returned and you can get a discount on your next purchase.

The headquarters of my company is in my hometown in Lower Silesia. I run Patyna with my sister, detergents with my parents. And this is wonderful. Parents feel needed and we all have the same goal. To my mind, the best business is a family business.

Photo: Aga Bilska

Emilia Obrzut

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