Dom Roślin in Żoliborz

Dom Roślin in Żoliborz
dom roślin ul. krasińskiego 18 róg suzina

Every district should have its own local bistro and a florist.

Every district should have its own local bistro and a florist. We believe that such places make the neigbourhood more attractive to live in. In close vicinity of Ósma Kolonia, in Suzina Street a new place has recently opened – Dom Roślin. Neighbours still tend to drop by with their clothes and bedlinen as there used to be a laundry service here. Currently, the place is filled with monsteras, philodendrons, and succulents.

You may say that plants are trendy nowadays but there is also a genuine need to have them around us. Especially in winter we want to be surrounded by greenery and plants which, just like ferns keep our air clean.

Drop by even for a tastefully selected flower pot cover or a pot.

The hosts of Dom Roślin know what they are doing. And that is extremely important. Małgorzata Chamera-Węska, Rafał Mgłosiek, and Damian Kohyt met during their studies at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture. They run together the Line Design studio which specialises in interior and garden design. Their office is located in the room next to the flower shop. They are professionals, run workshops, design greenery in offices or on the terraces, rent flowers for photo shooting.

The venue is perfect. It is often visited by numerous neighbours. During our visit, a customer came in saying he had just moved into his new apartment and was in urgent need of some huge and impressive plants. We see a bright future ahead of Dom Roślin in Żoliborz.

Dom Roślin, Krasińskiego St 18, corner of Suzina Street

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