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Cloudmine – New Start

This is a place where you will buy a present for yourself and others. Cloudmine boutique opens its doors once again in Saska Kępa.

It has been operating in the same place (Paryska Street 17) however, before it shared the space with a befriended brand – Polly. Right now there is only Cloudmine left. The interior of the shop has slightly changed and the range of products extended.

Elegant yet unpretentious interior is an emanation of the style of its owner- Marianna Grzywaczewska. She is an example of a versatile female. She selects and sells vintage clothes by the name Volupte, organizes the Bakalie market, engages in the Demokracja Ilustrowana (Democracy Illustrated) project. But most of all, she promotes Polish fashion, design, illustration under the label Cloudmine. Moreover, she designs herself her own series of clothes, accessories and items with a characteristic cloud as a trademark.

We visit the boutique when we want to buy a unique present. The selection is vast: jewellery (for example by Anna Ławska, Marcelina Jarnuszkiewicz, Animal Kingdom, KOPI), ceramics (Fenek, JAD), framed graphics and photos, lingerie (Rilke), books and cosmetics.

We also drop by when we need a special outfit. Natalia Siebuła has her own stationary sale point here, another separate corner belongs to Ania Kuczyńska. There are Volupte retro clothes, dresses by Justyna Chrabelska, tights by Fiore, bags by Przywara Strzałka, glasses by Sirène, “Liberté” T-shirts by Janina Warsaw, shoes by Balagan. Plants and wicker baskets by Plantarium are novelty here as well as temporary exhibitions. Now you can admire and buy works by Tymek Jezierski.

Prices range from 40 PLN and above. But you do not need to have a full wallet to visit this place. It is a pure pleasure just to look at the well arranged space. Window displays already have their fans among the elderly residents of Saska Kępa who regularly admire and praise that so many interesting things are happening in Polish fashion and design.

Cloudmine, Paryska St. 17,

Photo: Filip Klimaszewski

Marianna Grzywaczewska

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