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Chilly Gonzales © 2015 Alexandre Isard "Chambers" promotional

Our mixtape: Shut up and play the piano!

The Millenium Docs Against Gravity Festival is in full swing. Until Sunday night in Luna, Iluzjon and Kinoteka, you can watch documentary films, participate in meetings with directors and debates.

There still is a chance to see a great portrait of an amazing Canadian musician and pianist Chilly Gonzales. “Shut up and play the piano” by Philipp Jedicke, shows the story of this eccentric artist, his route from Canada, through Berlin to Paris and Cologne, but above all it manages to capture his charm, brilliance, extraordinary talent, versatility and sense of humor.

The stories are told by amongst others Feist, Jarvis Cocker and Peaches, and the main interview is conducted by Sibylle Berg. Gonzales on the one hand hides under the guise of arrogance, in a dressing gown and slippers, and on the other hand, his lyrics are disarmingly sincere and honest.

I recommend this film and to celebrate the upcoming premiere, as well as the expected new album of Maestro Gonzales I prepared a mixtape with his music from different periods. Have fun listening and watching!

Misia Furtak
Photo: press service – Alexandre Isard “Chambers” 



Shut up and play the piano – Gonzales
Overnight – Chilly Gonzales
Gatekeeper – Leslie Feist
White Keys – Chilly Gonzales
Intuition – Feist (solo piano)
Beans – Chilly Gonzales
Knight Moves – Chilly Gonzales
Piano Medley by Gonzales – Daft Punk
Advantage points/You snooze you lose – Chilly Gonzales
The tearjerker returns – Gonzales and Jarvis Cocker
Piano Medley by Gonzales – Weezer
Dot – Gonzales

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