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Bogna Świątkowska

Warsaw is now…

And interesting city where there are always a lot of problems and challenges. It’s never satisfied with all of it’s ambitions and dreams and it’s one of the most energetic cities in Europe. Here, time flies by faster and more intensely. People here really create the city’s vibe – always wanting to be better, more hospitable and comfortable.

Your favorite place in the city?

I like that Warsaw is full of parks – small ones, big ones, sometimes they’re just squares in the middle of houses. Warsaw is the most beautiful in the summer, when the city empties out and it becomes really homey. That’s when it’s best to ride your bike everywhere and discover new, favorite places.

What would you show to a visitor?

Warsaw, because it’s so intense, is always kind of vibrating. That has good sides that you have to recognize, take advantage of, not let dominate you. It’s a bit like dancing with someone. It’s spacious chaos creates possiblities and adventures. So, I would recommend finding your place before the city fulfills it’s dream of becoming too perfect. If you’re looking for company, you’ll find it on the river banks, in one of the bars on the west side or on the beaches between the wild bushes on the east side.

Bogna Świątkowska – head of the Bęc Zmiana Foundation,

Sklepik Bęc Zmiany na Mokotowskiej

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