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TOP 10: Vegan and vegetarian restaurants

TOP 10: Vegan and vegetarian restaurants
VegeMałpa Poznańska

Warsaw is in the lead when it comes to a number of vegan restaurants.

1. Wegeguru

Marszałkowska St 28


Chefs: Piotr Ważyński and Grzegorz Dereń

This vegan restaurant serves dishes inspired by the flavours of the Far East, based on regional eco-products. Wegeguru also appeals to the most meat eaters. We also like its unpretentious interior design. We regularly pop in for lunch.


2. Lokal Wegan Bistro

Krucza St 23/31


Vegan cuisine, co-creation of menu and co-management-cooperative. You can feel that punk spirit in the air. The best vegan pork chop in the city. Unpretentious atmosphere. We are very fond of this place.

Lokal Vegan Bistro
Lokal Wegan Bistro

3. Vegan Ramen Shop

Finlandzka St 12a

Kazimierzowska St 43

They must know much about good ramen judging by the long queues in front of their restaurants. This meatless ramen would knock the Japanese’s socks off. It is a blast!

Vegan Ramen Shop Saska Kępa, fot. PION Fotografia
Vegan Ramen Shop Mokotów
Vegan Ramen Shop

4. Ósma Kolonia

Słowackiego St 15/19

Żoliborz is lucky when it comes to meatless restaurants: Jaskółka, Havana, Ósma Kolonia. They all base on seasonal ingredients and compose tasty, colourful and rich dishes. Zbyszek Gawron, a former chef at Ósma Kolonia, has recently left for Copenhagen but the restaurant maintains its high standard.

Ósma Kolonia
Ósma Kolonia

5 Jaskółka

Wilsona Square 4/103 a

Jaskółka, which occupies a tiny place in Żoliborz, has already proven that it can feed well. Every day different lunch sets, homey atmosphere, Fenek’s plates on the walls. This is what attracts us like a magnet.


6. VegeMałpa

Racławicka St 7

Poznańska St 3

We feel happy here. VegeMałpa (VegeMonkey) feeds well and it has managed to create quite a unique climate at the backyard in Mokotów. VegeMałpa has recently opened its new spot in the centre in Poznańska Street. Colourful, crazy vegan burgers are waiting for you! Yummy!

VegeMałpa Mokotów
VegeMałpa Mokotów
VegeMałpa Mokotów
VegeMałpa Mokotów
VegeMałpa Mokotów

7. Kuchnia Konfliktu

Wilcza St 60

Dishes are prepared by the refugees living in Warsaw. Thanks to this option we can try cuisine from Tajikistan or Syria. It is something more than just a regular restaurant. Support this place and people working here.

Kuchnia Konfliktu
Kuchnia Konfliktu
Kuchnia Konfliktu

8. Uki Green

Koszykowa St 49a

There are numerous places serving ramen but the quality of this dish seems to differ from place to place. You can try its taste for yourself by visiting Uki Green, a new place which has recently opened at the back of Konstytucji Square with Kohei Yagi as a chef. So far you have had a possibility to taste his cuisine at Uki Uki.

Uki Green
Uki Green
Uki Green
Kohei Yagi, szef kuchni Uki Green

9. Youmiko Vegan Sushi

Hoża St 62


At first, many guests were skeptical: sushi without fish? Is it even possible? Frankly speaking, even Paweł Gnatowski, a founder of Youmiko, was not sure how far he could go with his idea. Today it is a mecca of vegan sushi.

Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Youmiko Vegan Sushi

10. Tel Aviv Urban Food

Poznańska St 11


It is one of the first restaurants in Warsaw promoting vegetarian cuisine. Founded by Malka Kafka. Tel Aviv vibes, tasty breakfasts, and wines. One of the most popular places among tourists visiting Warsaw.

Tel Aviv Urban Food