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Barbara Wrońska

Varsovians: Barbara Wrońska

She has just published her first solo album “Dom z ognia”. Overall she has recorded ten albums for example with Pustki and Ballady i Romanse. This is a special moment for her because in two months she will become a mother for the second time. That is why she will set off on tour in autumn. But in summer she will appear at a few biggest Polish music festivals.

The first single “Nie czekaj” mislead me. I expected to hear some retro and big beat. It was a surprise. Don’t get me wrong but I just didn’t expect the record to be so modern and various.
– This retro is also present in “W domu z ognia i lodu”. I don’t know how it all happened because I created this record intuitively. Without an initial plan. I was listening to my voice and wondering how to make it sound different. I wanted to experiment with it, play a little bit.

Haven’t you had any occasions to experiment before?
– Not really. Working in a band is all about our mutual tastes and visions. On the solo album, I could explore a bit more and try something offbeat from what I was associated with.

First thought – make an elecro, entertainment album that one could dance to. However, this disco didn’t turn out to be precisely what I was looking for. I am at another point in my life right now. I failed and suffered a crisis. Then I reset my hard disc and opened myself to something new. I started once again, and it was fun. I made it in a year.

“Nieustraszeni” is a hit! Additionally a motivational message for middle – aged people: everything is ahead of us, we can manage. It strikes me that we are not young anymore even though we are not adults yet. Do you feel the same?
– Totally. I was wondering who will be the listener of my music. I know that I have a group of women fans at my age. I like it. In “Nieustraszeni” I offered them 90s disco. Music stimulates more than text.

I am prone to sadness, and this is where I feel most comfortable. But I wanted something more cheerful. A text to “Prosta droga” was written by Marcin Staniszewski from Beneficjenci Splendoru. I only gave him one tip: “Write a joyful text. But don’t exaggerate. The one that says we will all finally die.” Marcin’s texts are cynical, and that sort of happiness I can accept. 

Are there any different versions of you struggling on this album?
– Yes, there are. My general and principal idea for this album was to say something about myself. I didn’t want to cover myself in various metaphors and understatements. It was crucial for me so that people got to know me better. Adulthood puts us to the test. When I gave birth to my first baby, I had this feeling that what I was doing was entirely irresponsible. The moment I became a mother, I should have gone to a regular job with a briefcase not just dance around on stage.

Did you come to this conclusion yourself?
– Yes, I did. I saw in the kindergarten all these moms. Nine o’clock strikes, and they are all ready. And I was all dressed in tracking suit, sleepy. Suddenly I stopped tormenting myself. This album is also about it. It shows me at peace with myself.

Excellent people took part in your video clip. You can feel good energy in the air. Are they all your friends?
– Paulina Przybysz is my friend from a primary school. Kasia Nosowska is my idol. She listened to the demo material and comforted me. Maciej Staniszewski is a friend with whom I play in Pustki. There is also Kev Fox and a super duper car. It was such a pleasant experience to drive though Polish roads in this vehicle.

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