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TOP 10: The best bakeries

TOP 10: The best bakeries
Cała w Mące

We are starting to appreciate bakers and confectioners more and more. Check who is the best.

1. Cała w Mące

at Forteca Kręgliccy on Wednesdays

Zakroczymska St 12


There is no need to introduce Monika Walecka to most of you here. She has stolen many hearts baking marvelous bread in a traditional way. You can regularly meet her at Forteca on Wednesdays. Soon she will open her bakery. To be precise, a workshop in Próchnika Street in Żoliborz. Follow her on Facebook. Monika conducts excellent workshops.

Cała w Mące

2. RANO Piekarnia Rzemieślnicza

Stalowa St 47

This bakery has been established by a group of friends and bread enthusiasts. The location is perfect: Stalowa Street in Praga, inside the bakery there is a huge table where you can eat whatever you have just bought. Apart from bread, we recommend delicious butter rolls and challah. Worth trying!


3. Holi Bread

Hala Mirowska

stand #49

This is our favourite bakery at Hala Mirowska – you will find here a wide range of bread including gluten-free bread. Seasonal fruit brioches are a blast. Buy a few because one may not be enough. 

Hala Mirowska

4. Aromat

Hoża St 42

Sienna St 39

Koszykowa St 63


It is almost a chain shop now! Aromat has already three different venues. You can also drink fine coffee here. Try bread and French sweet pastries. Their sandwiches to go are exquisite!


5. Georgian Bakery

Hala Mirowska

This type of bakery is getting more and more trendy these days. There is a growing number of Georgian bakeries with characteristic round ovens. You will get here warm bakery products which are perfect to eat straight away. Khachapuri with cheese and spinach is my favourite specialty.

6. Pochlebnie

Solec St. 81b (Arkady)

#A-20 (1st floor)

A small bakery in Powiśle. You can drop by and buy on-the-spot or order something in advance just to be sure you will get your favourite item. Follow their Facebook page. We recommend bread, especially rye bread with potatoes.


7. Brodzik Naturalnie

Wilcza St 29a

Andersa St 27

At “Dobrze” Cooperative Shop in Wilcza and Andersa Street, you will find a wide range of different types of bread (for example by Pochlebnie). But this time we would like to recommend you products by Brodzik Naturalnie —traditional, more Polish types of bread. Additionally, you can purchase lots of different items there.

Kooperatywa Dobrze

8. SAM

Lipowa St 7a

Rydygiera St 9C

Grzybowski Sq

This place doesn’t need an introduction. Perfect for breakfast and it also has a well-stocked shop (although sometimes with horrific prices). Apart from bread, there are pasteis de nata (Portuguese sweet classics) and of course excellent gluten-free bread.


9. Vincent

Chmielna St 21

Nowy Świat St 64

This option is for those who are on the run and visit shopping malls where Vincent has their stalls. One of them you will find at Hala Gwardii. French style, baguettes, loaves of bread, and sweet pastries. 


10. Piwoński Bakery

Jana Pawła II Ave 38


A family enterprise with traditions offering classic bread. Thanks to the next generations the bakery is still flourishing and sells its traditional bakery products. My favourite type is boulted bread with fennel flower. But everyone will find here his favourite type.

Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy
Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy
Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy
Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy
Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy
Piekarnia Piwońscy, fot. materiały firmy