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Warsaw brand: city bicycles from Antymateria

Antymateria (Antimatter) because profit is not their goal. They didn’t leave corporations just to sit and analyze financial tables. They followed their passion – city bikes. Antymateria because they are constantly fighting with matter in this case, bike frames and above all their weight. They have managed to construct city bikes which weight only 8,5 kg and having seen their enthusiasm one can only imagine they will reduce bike’s weight even more in the near future. 

Janusz Żebrowski is the head of the entire operation. He is responsible for finances, contacts with suppliers and partners. In his spare time, he tends to disturb his colleagues in a workshop. Sebastian Smyl is a co-founder and is responsible for a technical aspect of bikes, supervises all work and designs new constructions. We can meet him on Tamka Street 33 in one of the workshops of Antymateria. The second place (Skolimowskiej Street 6/16) which serves as a shop and workshop belongs to Rafał Kuźma who designs, finishes and repairs bikes. People say he is the best in town.

You can come and buy a readymade bike right away. You can also adjust it to your needs. Then it usually takes more time. Generally, it is worth supporting Polish brand and buying the bike from these guys especially that traditional city bikes, so popular in Warsaw, are much heavier and cost exactly the same after renovation.

We are enjoying a fine weather now. Spring is in full bloom. It’s high time to think about the bike which is suited to our needs and preferences.

photo: Filip Marek Klimaszewski

Janusz Żebrowski
Janusz Żebrowski

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