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5.07. Weekend is finally here! Our tips

The “Dangerous shots” exhibition on Polish fashion photography, the inauguration of the Jazdów Open Garden. This weekend we will spend time surrounded by greenery.

FRIDAY, 5.07

2 PM-6 PM – “Dangerous Shots. 100 Years of Fashion Photography in Poland” – new exhibition at Fort Institute of Photography – Racławicka St 99
Curators: Aleksandra Jatczak-Repeć, Michał Suchora. Open Wed-Fri 2 PM-6 PM, Sat-Sun 12 PM-6PM. Tickets: 12 PLN.

5 PM-10 PM – planting greenery in Ząbkowska Street
On the occasion of Open Ząbkowska we will collectively plant some greenery.

6 PM – Jazdów City Garden opens next to the Ujazdowski Castle
This year’s edition of Jazdów City Garden entitled “Care about water and bathe with friends” is dedicated to water in the urban environment. Can you imagine Warsaw without water? Let’s think about it this summer.

7 PM – opening of “It hurts when I laugh” exhibition at BWA Warszawa –  Marszałkowska St 34/50
It hurts when I laugh is an exhibition of works presenting the achievements of the faculty and students of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin. Artists: Bownik, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Igor Omulecki, Łukasz Skąpski and more.

8 PM – Pogłos at Barka – Park Girls – T. Kahl Square
Free entrance.

10 PM – Horse Fashion at WIR – Patton Square
Free entrance.

10 PM – Mokre Sny party at barStudio – Palace of Culture and Science,  Defilad Square 1
Music by Papa Zura and Misty. Free entrance.


12 PM – summer book sale at Bookoff – Pańska St 3

2 PM – Independent Label Market at Barka – T. Kahl Square

2 PM – “Paint means Blood”, guided tour in English at Museum on the Vistula – Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St 22
Tickets: 5 zł.

6 PM – No Vacation at Chmury – 11 Listopada St 22
Tickets: starting from 79 PLN.

7 PM – inauguration of the festival of measures and figures entitled “I hate Mathematics”– Open Studio Jazdów, Jazdów St 3/6
Do you hate mathematics? Your kid doesn’t like it? Luckily, this weekend everything may change. Today we recommend the “Calculating Suzie” exhibition, and tomorrow Lazy Sunday with Figures.

7 PM – opening of Enchanted Garden next to Wolskie Cultural Centre – Działdowska St  6
Winter Garden was spectacular that is why we can’t wait to visit the Enchanted Garden designed by Dawid Zalesky. At 12 PM-7 PM – games for children in the garden, at 7 PM – supper.

8 PM – screening of “The Quest of Alain Ducasse” at summer cinema at Elektrownia – Zajęcza St 2B
Free entrance.

9 PM – “Golden Rock. Story about Robert Brylewski” at Defilad Square
Theatre play directed by Grzegorz Laszuk about a legendary Polish rock artist. Free entrance.

11 PM – hero of the “Poland is the Most Important” series will be Robert Brylewski – Palace of Culture and Science, Defilad Square 1
Free entrance.

SUNDAY, 7.07

12 PM-6 PM – Vintage Marekt at Wozownia – Trzech Krzyży Square 16

12 PM and 4 PM – Chopin Concerts at Royal Łazienki Park – Chopin monument
Free Chopin concerts at Royal Łazienki Park. This Sunday: Hinako Namaizawa and Thomas Prat. Free entrance.

3 PM-5:30 PM – Lazy Sunday with Figures at I hate Mathematics Festival – Open Studio Jazdów, Jazdów St 3/6

5 PM-9 PM – Tanabata at Tajfuny – Japanese festival of love and wishes at Tajfuny bookshop – Chmielna St 10
Revealing of Mirella von Chrupek’s shop window display and a premiere of a new book “The Housekeeper and the Professor” by Yoko Ogawa.

recommends: Agnieszka Kowalska
photo from the “Dangerous shots” exhibition, Aga Murak/Buku Team, from Tomasz Armada collection, styled by Hanka Podraza

Tickets available at GOING

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