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3.11. Weekend is finally here!

This weekend offers a lot of interesting exhibitions, dances and concerts. Additionally Sputnik – a festival of the Russian cinematography.

FRIDAY, 3.11

The Russian Film Festival has just started and will last till the 12th November. Check the programme for screenings, trailers and go to one of the festival cinemas: Iluzjon, Luna or Elektronik. Tickets: 18 PLN. Many of the movies will be screened with English subtitles. More about the Sputnik Film Festival here…

8 PM – Królikarnia National Gallery (Puławska St 113a) – LISTENINGS – CONCERTS TO BE TOURED
This is an exquisite mixture of music and art. During a tour we will listen to the Lutosławski Piano Duo (Emilia Sitarz and Bartek Wąsik) and we will wind up or senses: hearing and vision. Admission free.

10 PM – DZIK (Belwederska St 44a) – ZADUSZNO / SOUL SERVICE
Cpt Sparky, Papa Zura, Ojciec Karol, Burn Reynolds and Misty – nothing more to add. Maybe only the ticket prices: before 10 PM – 11 PLN, after – 20 PLN.

10 PM – Pogłos (Burakowska St 12) – WARSAW JUNGLE MASSIVE 24
Some Jamaican vibes will help us tune with the autumn weather. The Warsaw Jungle Massive is a series of events promoting Jamaican-style bass music (ragga, bass, jungle). Tickets: 10 PLN.


The five final projects in the architectural design competition will be announced to the public on the 6th November. During the debate everyone will have a chance to cast his vote for his favourite project. However, beforehand let’s prepare for this occasion and visit the “Plac Defilad. A Step Forward” exhibition at Galeria Studio (Palace of Culture and Science, the Studio Theatre). The tour will be guided by Szymon Maliborski. Tickets 15 PLN.

It is a must see. You can examine a role of blood in Judaism starting from the first mentions in the Bible to the most recent issues: meaning of blood bonds in contemporary multicultural society. The exhibition came to us from the Jewish Museum in London but was extended by our contexts and many works of contemporary art. On Sunday a guided tour with the curators. It is worth buying a ticket in advance (12 PLN) here… If you miss it you can always see the exhibition at any time.

6 PM – Zachęta National Gallery of Art (Małachowskiego Square 3) – MEETING WITH HONORATA MARTIN
Honorata Martin is this year’s laureate of the “Views/Spojrzenia” competition for the most promising artists of young generation. The exhibition of the nominees can be seen only till the 12th November. On this occasion Oskar Piotr Martin, a father of the artist, will come from Italy to give a speech on the life of the refugees in Calabria. During the meeting the admission for the exhibition will be free.

10 PM – Café Kulturalna (Palace of Culture and Science) – REBEKA CONCERT
One of the most capturing bands on the Polish music scene. Members: Iwona Skwarek and Bartosz Szczęsny. Tickets: 40 PLN.

After the Rebeka concert you can remain at Defilad Square and try silent disco and club music at Studio Bar. Fee for headphone rental – 10 PLN.

SUNDAY, 5.11

12 PM – 6 PM – Leica 6×7 Gallery (Mysia St 3) – PHOTO EXHIBITION OF PAWEŁ JASZCZUK
Paweł Jaszczuk known from his photo stories on Japan, on his return to Poland he decided to deal with the most Polish theme- Jesus. Admission free.

7 PM – Pogłos (Burakowska St 12) – THE STUBS (FINAL SHOW)
“Guitars! Overdrives! Noise! Rock’n’roll! These are our locals. No complexes. And without compromises” – Robert Sankowski wrote. Thus it is a shame that after releasing their fourth album entitled “Let’s Die” they decided to split up. Let’s dance together at this farewell party. Tickets: 25 PLN.

8 PM – Hydrozagadka (11 Listopada St 22) – JOZEF VAN WISSEM CONCERT
Extraordinary and hipnotizing. A lute virtuoso, friend of Jim Jarmusch, author of music to most of his films. This is one of these concerts which you can’t miss. Wissem will be promoting his new album entitled “Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back”. Tickets 45 PLN.

9:30 PM – Café Kulturalna (Palace of Culture and Science) – TYMON TYMAŃSKI CONCERT
Tymon Tymański-  a versatile and constantly rebellious artist. Tickets: 40 PLN.

photo: Paweł Jaszczuk/Leica 6×7 Gallery

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