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21.06. Weekend is finally here! Our tips

Out of the Box! on the occasion of the Big Book Festival, dances by the Vistula river and an open-air cinema. Let’s start our summer holidays!

FRIDAY, 21.06

2 PM – Big Book Festival 2019 – Out of the Box!
Big Reading Festival organized by the Culture Does Not Hurt Foundation. Meetings with writers, book premieres, but also many interesting workshops and motivating discussions. A perfect event to spend some quality time in Stary Mokotów. The festival lasts until Sunday. More info at, venues: Big Book Café (Dąbrowskiego St 81), Władysław Broniewski Museum (Dąbrowskiego St 51) and Łowicka Centre (Łowicka St 21). Free entrance.

6 PM – Highfly and Grupa Kormorany at Pogłos – Burakowska St 12
Tickets: 10 PLN. At 10:30 PM rave party. Entrance: 10 PLN. All funds will be donated to dogs.

8 PM – Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa/Warsaw Village Band  at DZiK – Belwederska St 44a
Tickets: 35/40 PLN.

9 PM – Karol at Barka Wisława – near Copernicus Science Centre
Free entrance.

10 PM – From Dusk till Dawn at barStudio – Palace of Culture and Science, Defilad Square 1
Music by Cpt Sparky. Free entrance.


12 PM – Big Book Festival 2019 – Out of the Box! in Stary Mokotów
More info at

12 PM – Food Truck Festival, near PGE National Stadium
Also on Sunday.

11 AM-6 PM – Psoty at Kosmos – event for kids at Soho Factory – Mińska St 25, hall #19
Artanimacje prepares excellent interactive events for kids (curator: Marta Wójcicka, set designer: Matylda Sałajewska). Tickets: 25 PLN, can be bought just before the event.

9 AM – 4 PM – Japanese Weekend at Breakfast Market in Żoliborz –  Wojska Polskiego St, corner of Śmiałej Street

8 PM – BarKa All-Stars – Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St 22
Free entrance.

9 PM – Rebeka at Wata Cukrowa at Lunapark – Wał Miedzeszyński St 407, next to the swimming pools.
Free entrance.

10 PM – Glass Hunters at Hocki Klocki at Lunapark – right bank of the river, Wał Miedzeszyński St 407
Free entrance.

10 PM – I Have It on My Tape: Groh and Buszkers at WIR – barge next to Patton Boulevard
Time travel to the golden era of rap. Free entrance.

SUNDAY, 23.06

12 PM – Big Book Festival 2019 – Out of the Box! in Stary Mokotów
More info at

10 AM-5 PM – Japanese Weekend at Breakfast Market  in Mokotów – AK Granat Square

12 PM-6 PM – opening of Edward Dwurnik’s exhibition at Raster Gallery – Wspólna St 63

12 PM and 4 PM – Chopin Concerts at Royal Łazienki Park – Chopin monument
Free Chopin concerts at Royal Łazienki Park. This Sunday: Tamas Erdi and Serhij Hryhorenko. Free entrance.

12 PM – Food Truck Festival, near PGE National Stadium.

6 M – Midsummer Eve Night at a park, Służew Cultural Centre – J.S. Bacha St 15
Weaving wreaths and throwing flower garlands into the water, folk music concert,  search of a magical fern flower, bonfire and more. Free entrance.

7 PM – “Frank” at Summer Cinema at Lunapark – Wał Miedzeszyński St 407
Free entrance.

8 PM and 8:30 PM – screening of “Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes” at Muranów Cinema – Gen. Andersa St 5
Documentary movie directed by Sophie Huber. Tickets: 23 zł.

9:30 PM – Sunday cinema at Paloma (terrace) – “Single Man” – Museum on the Vistula, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie St 22
Screening of the movie directed by Tom Ford (2009). Free entrance.

8 PM- 3 AM – African disco at the end of 2019 Biennale Warszawa – Marszałkowska St 34/50
Free entrance.

recommends: Agnieszka Kowalska
photo: Aga Bilska

Tickets availalbe at GOING

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