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20.10. Weekend is finally here!

Fickle weather but a lot is going on under the roof this weekend. If it clears up, we recommend taking a stroll through the Hansens housing estate.

FRIDAY, 20.10

till 8 PM – Museum of Modern Art (Pańska St 3) – CHINA AVANT-GARDE EXHIBITION
“A Personal Diary” exhibition by Danwen Xing is showcased in the headquarters of MoMA in Pańska Street. It is a story about an independent culture in China in the 1990s. We have here over 140 photographs documenting life of the Chinese avant-garde, not only in the field of visual arts, but also in film, experimental theatre and the new music scene. Open till 7th November. Admission free.

till 7 PM – Reset shop (Dąbrowskiego St 16) – 10th ANNIVERSARY OF REFRE WORKSHOP
“10 vintage treasures for the 10th birthday” of the company which has been running one of the most interesting shops with design – Reset (new headquarters in Dąbrowskiego St 16). Agata Hasiak as one of the first people started renovating Polish design – furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. On the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary the shop organizes a garage sale of 10 furniture treasures from the Refre collection. They will pop up here… Pick up in Mokotów. First come, first served. Garage sale lasts on Saturday (11 AM – 5 PM) and on Sunday (11 AM – 3 PM)

7 PM – PROM Kultury Saska Kępa (Brukselska St 23) – ZIMPEL/ZIOŁEK – ALBUM PREMIERE
A concert within the “Muzyczna Scena Off” project. Wacław Zimpel and Kuba Ziołek – two laureates of Paszporty Polityki (Polityka’s Passports) joined forces and recorded a joint album titled “Zimpel/Ziołek” (Instant Classic). Tickets: 20 PLN.

9 PM – THE COOL CAT 2nd BIRTHDAY (Solec 38 St.)
A place, which we recommend not only for breakfasts, celebrates its second birthday. They did not celebrate its first anniversary as there was too much work. This time it will be as it should be – birthday cake and dances (raps by DJ WU-KAWIOR). Admission free.


As a parallel activity to the “Oskar and Zofia Hansen. Open Form” exhibition we will visit the designed by them in 1969-73 housing estate with the one and a half kilometre long meandering buildings in Przyczółek Grochowski. This is the youngest monument in Warsaw and raises strong emotions. Ola Kędziorek will guide the tour. Meeting on the terrace of the pavilion in Ostrzycka St 2/4. More about the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art here…

This is a type of an exhibition we like. It presents how strongly art intertwines with social life and politics. How collective work of local communities can be an inspiration for artists and that artists can be “useful”. These activities are often stretched over time and appear to be of unpredictable dynamics. Curatorial walk through by Marianna Dobkowska and Krzysztof Łukomski and participants: Marta Frank and Alicja Wysocka.

9 PM – Reganeracja (Puławska St 61) – LUCCIOLA LADIES NIGHT
An evening with fledgling female guitarists, bass players, drummers and vocalists. Starring: LA, Sama, No-Spa, Pokój Obok and Cukier. All bands were created during the Lucciola Ladies Rock camps which have been organized for two years now. Admission free.

10 PM – Café Kulturalna (Palace of Culture and Science, the Dramatyczny Theatre) – HATTI VATTI CONCERT
Performance of Hatti Vatti (Piotr Kaliński with a band) in the Warsaw Film Festival club. He will present his new “SZUM” project where modern electronic music mixes with analog sounds and samples found in radio and movie archives. Admission: 20 PLN.

SUNDAY, 22.10

11 AM – Big Book Café (Dąbrowskiego St 81) – BREAKFAST WITH PRESS. CULINARY EDITION
We have not visited the new bookshop in Mokotów run by the founders of the Big Book Festival but we have read a book by Agata Michalak entitled “O dobrym jedzeniu” (“On Good Food”) thus we will eagerly meet with her. Agata will present the best food magazines from all over the world. It will be interesting for sure. Breakfast menu will be prepared by Ania Król, a host of Big Book Café and Magda Sadkowska, a founder of Papaya Lake Lodge in Uganda where she runs a restaurant as well. Admission free, breakfast (all you can eat) – 30 PLN.

11 AM – 6:30 PM – Niebo (Nowy Świat St 21) – WARSAW VINTAGE MARKET
It’s high time to buy yourself some autumn and winter apparel. On Sunday the best shops with vintage clothes will come to Warsaw from all corners of Poland.

9 PM – Hydrozagadka (11 Listopada St 22) – POGODNO CONCERT
We will need a good dose of energy for the upcoming autumn week. Pogodno will play the new material from their recent album entitled “Sokiści chcą miłości” and a few older songs in new arrangements. Tickets: 50 PLN.

Photo from Danwen Xing exhibition / Museum of Modern Art

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