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100 icons of Polish Design

It is surprising but we still lack such compendiums on Polish design. That is why it is worth having on your bookshelf „Illustrated Book of Polish Design” which has just been published by the „Wytwórnia” Publishing House. In addition in two language versions – English and Polish.

Younger reader will learn how the world of his parents and grandparents looked like, who came up with the idea of Ptasie Mleczko and when the Omega yacht was designed. What has stood the test of time and what is present only in museums. Grown ups will find here reminiscences from the past: dream Relaksy, scent of the Pewex shops, parties with the Bambino record player and rides on the Wigry bike. How to choose the most important? How not to succumb to the temptation of showing only the icons? How to attract attention of not only experts. How to present the variety of fields the design deals with?

It was not an easy choice. Apart from furniture or porcelain – objects commonly associated with design, we can find here less obvious things: typography, logos, toys for kids. Contemporary and modern as well as classic projects are presented in the book. Unique objects verging on works of art; prototypes which never entered the mass production, but also things very popular which have been used for over 100 years by the Poles.

Ewa Solarz is responsible for the concept of the book. In cooperation with Agnieszka Kowalska and Agata Szydłowska she has chosen 100 icons of Polish design from 1918 to the present day. Together they wrote texts about each object and 25 artists illustrated them. The visual stories were created by: Jacek Ambrożewski, Edgar Bąk, Maciek Blaźniak, Katarzyna Bogucka, Ada Buchholc, Iwona Chmielewska, Robert Czajka, Agata Dudek, Emilia Dziubak, Małgorzata Gurowska, Monika Hanulak, Marta Ignerska, Tymek Jezierski, Paweł Jońca, Agata Królak, Grażka Lange, Piotr Młodożeniec, Patryk Mogilnicki, Anna Niemierko, Ola Niepsuj, Marianna Oklejak, Paweł Pawlak, Dawid Ryski, Marianna Sztyma, Ola Woldańska-Płocińska. The book was designed by Anna Niemierko.

„Illustrated Book of Polish Design” is not only a book but also an exhibition which thanks to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute travels around the world. Now it is presented at the Museum of History in Bucharest, then it will move to Berlin. At the exhibition, apart from the illustrations, one can admire also the original objects from the past.

Book premiere: 11th October. Book available at the „Wytwórnia” Publishing House in Chmielna St 10 and at

Photo from the premiere of the Gdynia Design Days by Krzysztof Winciorek.

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